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Mnenja gostov

Tadej Volcansek

“I always associate food with “that” song that in a certain moment I listen it again and again and again. Until I suddenly just skip it to a next one. But when I remember a certain moment I look for it again and spin it because it sends me the vibration that my body needs it again.

I am grateful that I have been able to try some culinary delicacy in my life and I consider myself to be only a beginner in the world of delicacies, but it rarely happens to me, if not never, that my mind sends me back to the same place three times in a row.

In three consecutive days, I wanted to try as much as possible, maybe also to definitely find a slip or inconsistency. But with each dish, the experience only intensified.

The last time I saw and ate such mushroom soup was more than 20 years ago or in a another Country. With the closure of the old restaurant also the recipe despaired. But the recipe never even exist. Only good quality, time and joy. Every spoon reminded me of that. Also the time when people only rarely went to restaurants but they new there will see and try something beautiful.

Back then, restaurateurs knew that food should not only be a quick way to fill the stomach or calculate calories, but should contain everything that nature around them has to offer, love and attitude to work and mandatory cooking techniques. Maybe I’m nostalgic, but at that time people still considered the givenness of their region and not additives from imported spices and flavors. If you want to go back to a time when food was worth something and you were satisfied with its quality, I definitely recommend the soup.

Meat on the grill or under the oven, beefsteak or veal’s liver goes without saying. I don’t think I’m wrong when I say that the meat here is extremely carefully selected and mixed to the last detail. I can say for myself that in an restaurant it doesn’t matter to me whether the meat is raw, medium or well done, but how it is handled and prepared.

Side dishes are very carefully selected and in harmony with the main ingredient. As with the song I’m listening to, the color of the voice perfectly matches the melody.

But I would definitely stop at salads. That someone can prepare a salad better than my grandmother, who dedicated her life to working in a restaurant in one of the best hotels in the former country. For that you receive my full admiration and thanks.

Because my visit was also international in a group something was the last blow at the end.

When a true »primorec« and he is not an amateur coffee connoisseur orders a cappuccino with an Happy end. A very friendly waiter from Steiermark brings the perfecet Trieste capuccino. I hope other will not blame me, but you can rarely get it if not impossible that kind of cappuccino anywhere from Koper to Soline. Here, coffee is also not just coffee. As the people of Trieste saying. This is the most important part of the day, because it determines how your day will be. If you drink it here, it will definitely be great.

This Chef with his team made this point a little miracle.

The price of the dish is lower than other on the coast from Portorož to Piran where you get dry fried potato and stuffed calamari with cheese and ham on a plate. I’m not talking about snacks, but about restaurants.

For me, this restaurant has become that song that I will definitely be playing on and on. If I get tired of it, I’m sure that I will hear a good tone again which will convince me to spin it again.

I hope that the chef Darko with such a great team will continue to look for new dishes but at the same time he remain faithful to the first rule.

That it is true that everyone can cook (sing), but rarely anyone knows how to turn modesty into excellence (HIT SINGLE).”

Gault and Millau

“Gostilna Mama Marička bo že po prvem obisku postala vaša priljubljena kulinarična postojanka. Poleti bo pogled počival na sečoveljskih solinah, pozimi pa boste uživali v toplem ambientu z odprtim ognjem, na katerem chef pripravlja mesne dobrote. Na njegovih krožnikih se zrcali strast do priprave preprostih, domačih jedi, saj jih prikaže v vsem svojem sijaju. Navdušeni boste tako nad prezentacijo kot harmonijo okusov.

Preplet Štajerske in Primorske, kontinenta in morja vzradosti brbončice, pa naj gre za tradicionalne bobiče ali ričet, goveji golaž s slastno prato ali dnevni ulov rib. Le redkokdo bo ostal ravnodušen ob estetsko dovršeni rakovi panakoti, na katero vam bodo naribali doma pripravljeno botargo. Tudi topla predjed z imenom rdeča pokrovača vam bo razburkala kulinarično domišljijo; mehka, kremna omaka iz rdeče pese bo ob popečenih pokrovačah in hrustljavem, slanem hrustku vaše novo rdeče veselje okusov.

Stalnica na meniju je makaronflajš – kombinacija na žaru pečenega svinjskega fileja, sočnega, še rahlo rožnatega, postrežena v fantastičnem svinjskem raguju v družbi domačih testenin. Niti sladkosnedi ne bodo prikrajšani. Prekmursko-primorska razgibanica je domiselna izvedba prekmurske gibanice, ki navdušuje s svojo lažjo, prefinjeno različico – hrustljavostjo kroštol (krhki flancati), svežino kreme iz kisle smetane, makove pene in sladkobo preliva pečenih jabolk.”

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